Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrate Your Uniqueness!

As we continue our study of uniqueness in Cove Kids this week, we're going to look at one really unique guy, John the Baptist. We don't know much about John except that he was Jesus' cousin. We learn about his birth, but then we pick-up the story when he is a grown man.

When John started his ministry, he did it in a unique way. Some people thought that the Messiah was going to come as a military leader. Since they thought this, they were looking perhaps for someone to come in with a lot of fanfare – with a parade entrance in a big city. But instead, God appointed John to go out into the wilderness and talk about Jesus' coming; a unique foretelling for a unique man, Jesus.

Even though John was a plain and simple kind of person, he must have been pretty interesting, because the Bible says people went out into the wilderness to hear him preach. And he must have been pretty convincing, because a lot of people repented – confessed their sins and promised to stop sinning – and were baptized.

That's how it is when we become the unique person God has made us and called us to be. We begin to exercise those special qualities and talents He has given us to do those special things that He has planned for us. It's a perfect fit when we let God use us in the unique way He planned for the unique task(s) He has for us to do.

Celebrate your uniqueness this week!

Blog by: Steve Hoye

(Small Group Leader)

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