Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Can You Count On?

Life can be full of anxieties and lonely when you have no one who you can count on to help you! Perhaps you can remember a time when you thought who can I count on to help me in this time of trouble. For me, it was one late afternoon when I was in a hurry to get to a doctor’s appointment. I was already late as I pulled into the parking lot and dashed to the office door. It wasn’t till after the appointment when I reached in my purse to get my car keys that I realized something was wrong. I couldn’t find my keys. Maybe I dropped them on the way in. I searched the path to the doctor’s office. No keys. It was then that I looked into my car and saw my keys on the driver’s seat. Now what do I do? My husband was on a trip; my friends work out of town. I didn’t have any family that lived near by. I had a spare key at home, but it was a 3 mile hike and I couldn’t leave my car with the keys in full view. To top things off I was to go to my first Life Group meeting that evening. So I called the Life Group host and told her I would probably not make it as I had locked my car with my keys inside. Much to my surprise she said "Where are you?" and within a short time she came to pick me up take me to my home After getting my spare key, she drove my back to open my car. She was so kind and understanding! She didn’t even know me yet she made me feel like a close friend! I know God put her in my life to show me who I can count on-Him!

This weekend your preschool child will learn “God Can Save the Day” as they hear the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and the Fiery Furnace. The story is from Daniel 3:10-30. In a continuation of last week’s message “I can always count on God”, this week the children will discover that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, much like Elijah trusted in God and knew that they could always count on Him. They didn’t bow down to the fake God of the King, so he threw them into a fiery furnace. God saved the day by sending an angel to protect them and they came out of the furnace without harm!

We may never face being thrown in a fiery furnace, but you may have had an experience where God saved the day for you. Please share your story with your child to help them realize God can always be counted on to help you. Life can be scary for a preschooler so your own story of God’s faithfulness will help them in times when they are afraid or in trouble. Ask you child to think of a time when they were scared or in trouble? Did they know that God was with them and He would help them?

Please help your child learn the Bible verse “Be strong and courageous! Don’t be afraid” Deut. 31:6 Once they can say the memory verse they will receive a reward. The children are having a blast with the new small group activities and loved the “Super Hero” capes! We hope you are putting stars on your child’s Super Hero Challenge Sheet as they show you they are a “Do the Right Thing Hero”, “Sharing Hero”, “Brave Hero” or “Helpful Hero”. By the end of this month, your child will know that being the “Super Hero” that God wants them to be is much better than being a fantasy hero.

Carolyn Hillegeist
Early Childhood Coordinator

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