Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fantasy or Real Heroes

It is easy to understand the attraction to “Superman” or “Wonder Woman” for who wouldn’t want to be able to leap over tall buildings or vanquish bad guys. The movies create the fantasy that if only we had these “super powers” our life would be so much better.

Even adults are pulled into the fantasy world of the “Super Mom” who can effortlessly work a full time job, whip up a gourmet meal for 10 guests in a spotless home, while teaching her children advanced math, train for her next marathon run, and finish her second graduate degree. Sounds too good to be true, but for many moms they feel guilty and frustrated that they can’t be more like our society’s version of the self made “Super Mom”.

They have traded a fantasy hero for the real hero, the mom that God created to trust in Him for strength, not rely on her own self will to take control of life’s challenges! It is only through God that we are transformed from the ordinary into the majestic “He will transform the body of our humble condition into the likeness of His glorious body.” Philippians 3:21 Are you ready for God to use your life experiences for His purposes and be transformed into the majestic hero He created you to be?

Our young children also find it hard to separate fantasy from God’s truth, when it comes to “Super Heroes”. In the Cove Kids Preschool lesson for this weekend, your child will learn that “God is the One, True God”. He is not a pretend hero like Superman or Wonder Woman. Your child will learn about God’s awesome power and faithfulness in the story of Elijah and the Fire from Heaven. The story can be found in 1Kings 18:1-39.

In this Bible story, Elijah loved God and obeyed His commands; for he knew God was the biggest, strongest, one and only God. Elijah lived in a land where many people worshipped a fake god named Baal. Elijah trusted God and knew He could always count on God. He bravely challenged the Baal worshippers to ask their fake god Baal to bring down fire from heaven to burn up wood. Only the one true God could do that. Hundreds of Baal worshippers prayed and prayed but to no success. Elijah prayed and God was faithful in sending down fire that not only burned the wood but all the rocks around the fire pit.

Elijah was courageous to stand up to the King and many worshippers of Baal, for Elijah knew God’s word “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid.” Deuteronomy 31:6 This is the memory verse your child will learn throughout this month. To help your child learn this verse, they will receive a magnetic memory verse card to take home and practice.

Throughout this month your child will be in small fellowship groups learning through games, crafts, making snacks, and applying Bible truths. You may hear your child say “I was a Super Hero by helping, by sharing, by doing the right thing.” Parents will receive a colorful Super Hero Challenge Sheet which will help your child to learn real heroes are those who love God and love others. Each time you see your child being a Sharing Hero, Good Friend Hero, or Helping Hero please draw a star next to that hero picture. This will help your child apply the Bible truths that God loves us and He wants us to show love to others. Those who do this are the real heroes! We can trust in God’s power and strength! We know that we can always count on God!

Carolyn Hillegeist
Early Childhood Coordinator

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